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Client Testimonials

Here are excerpts from just a few of the many letters we have received from our New York medical malpractice clients

Dear Sam:

How can I possibly thank you for what you have done for me and my family? When my husband died almost five years ago, I was coping not only with the tragedy of his loss, but also with grave concerns over my family’s financial future. On top of that, I was overwhelmed with a nagging suspicion that [his] death was preventable. As a result of your persistence, you uncovered the fatal errors in [his]’s medical care. This persistence, along with your admirable negotiating skills and legal acumen, resulted in our $6 million settlement.Thank you again for your excellent legal work and for your steadfast support.

Dear Sam:
I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all that you have done for us. I wanted to particularly thank you for the understanding you showed in the period immediately after the accident, when I was quite angry at the world in general and at just about anything and anyone connected to the case. Your guidance and compassion were of a great help in getting us through this difficult time, and I just wanted you to know how much that meant to me and to [my wife].

Dear Sam:

I entrusted my grief and my need to know what happened to you. You were so kind, careful and thorough in your explanations and deeply sensitive to my well being. Your professionalism and integrity gave me comfort. You were very clear about the challenges in my case, and never lost track of how traumatic our loss was.Your efforts are helping the kids and I move forward in building an entirely new life. Our lives are irrevocably changed, but it eases my mind more than you know that I don’t have to worry about the house or the kids’ college.

There are no words to explain my gratitude for all you’ve done for me. I’ve lost so much since Karl died, but there have also been unexpected gifts; one of which is that I have the honor of calling you my friend.

Dear Sam:

I am writing to thank you on behalf of my family for everything, from being the first to show us compassion after our loss, to the final outcome of the case, in which you altered our lives in such a drastic and positive way.Your respect for and understanding of our grief and your assurance that you would be there to fight for our interests were a comfort and catharsis for us in the past two years.

The monetary compensation relieves the weight of financial stress immeasurably. As you told me, the case was meant to make the rest of our lives better, and I can’t express to you how much it will.

Receiving such a large settlement also gives us a sense that it was acknowledged what Bob meant to us. I’m hoping that my son, especially, will allow the end of this case to help him in his grieving by knowing that he had someone fighting on his behalf for the loss of this father.

Thank you for everything, from the monetary and tangible, to the things that helped us heal emotionally.

When he was taken from us, you stepped in to help us all. Be at peace, Bob, and thank you Sam.

Dear Sam:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for your absolute and consummate professionalism, not to mention the pronounced consideration, dedication and empathy with which you handled my case.I would like to request that you share this letter with other clients, as well, as I’m certain we all know how blessed and fortunate we are to have the disposition, legal expertise and resources of someone like yourself on our side. For myself, I can say whole-heartedly that after having you handle the long and arduous task of a difficult case like mine with such patience, drive and visions with unwavering determination, I am probably now one of the few people on the planet that actually likes lawyers.

Your work has brought a measure of fullness to my life which is hardly quantifiable. Your dedicated effort has brought me to a place emotionally where I feel empowered and proficient at things which I had no idea I was capable of before. Your encouragement and patience seemed to imbue my own thoughts with a calmness which was like an anchor in tempestuous waters. It was your attitude of assurance and faith that everything would work out for the best in the end that kept the emotions involved in a case like this in chick – with hardly any unpleasantness – until everything did work out for the best in the end! Suffice it to say that I feel like you are a Godsend.

Dear Sam:

I write you this day, as I think back . . . it was six years ago that my dear brother lost his life so unnecessarily. I sat in a parking lot of the hospital that failed him, with an arm full of hospital records, lost for what to do next. I was, I am sure, guided by God’s grace, to you.I had spoken with other attorneys who explained that although they could sympathize with my pain, they did not believe they would be able to prove my brother’s case in court. You met with me, we talked it all out, and I felt for the first time that someone was willing to stand beside me and fight for justice for my brother.

Over the years we spoke many times. There were depositions and delays, attempts to have our case dropped, experts who decided they did not believe the case was strong enough, and through it all, you encouraged me to be patient, to have courage and faith; that we would have our day in court. You seemed to take up my brother’s case as if he were a friend of yours, and I felt so privileged to have found an attorney with such a strong sense of responsibility towards his client.

Then the day came when we finally did have our day in court. From opening statements to closing summation, you conducted yourself in the courtroom with the utmost poise and eloquence. You formulated your responses thoughtfully, and never seemed rattled, always determined to return to the points that proved your case. Each evening we discussed that day’s events, and you continued to pour through pictures, letters and tape recordings of John, as you did all you could to experience the man he was.

After your summation, no heart in that room was left unaffected by your powerful and heartfelt words; your reverence for my brother’s life was so clearly evident that day. When the verdict was returned, and the jury found in favor of my brother, I felt a weight lifted from my shoulders. Thank you, Sam, for fighting with me for the justice that John deserved. I will never forget your courage or your kindness.

I write this letter so that you and your family may know how much of a difference you have made in the lives of my family and I.

Dear Sam:

I was very glad to have my case settled and feel fortunate that you were able to represent me. Your professionalism and competence were highly regarded.Your approach helped me feel comfortable throughout a difficult time and I especially appreciated your direct and patient explanations to my questions.

Dear Sam:
Just a quick note to advise you how pleased Adam and the family is re your success with Adam’s settlement. Due to your tenacity and passion, we succeeded.
Dear Sam Rosmarin:
I take this opportunity to immensely congratulate Mr. Sam Rosmarin . . . in working with me patiently and assiduously in bringing [this] difficult case to a successful resolution. I cannot thank you enough [for] giving me a new start to life. I will always count on you and your firm and recommend you and your firm to anybody who may need your assistance.


Every case is unique. Prior case results are not indicative of any future outcome.